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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


So kumbe kama Mungu angependa, Loveness Diva na King Crazy GK wangekuwa wanategemea kuwa wazazi wa watoto mapacha? Kupitia blog yake, Diva amesema alikuwa mjamzito wa miezi mitano wa watoto mapacha lakini iliharibika na kumpa huzuni kubwa.
Hivi ndivyo alivyoandika:
At Dk. Haroon!s for Ultra sound… checkin at them babies.
I was so nerv and i cried dat day.. i was like OMG… baby in .. baby’s comin. and #twins.
My doctor said i shuld be happy and be open about it. dats the only way nita let go of the tears…. Guys!. its a beautiful feeling asikwambie mtu. i was 5months preg and ilikuwa like hell… ikno i lost My babies and i talk to em like forever and ikno mpaka wangezaliwa lini. I Miss them.. i was with My doctor today and he told me to share dis with the world .. he said let it out it heals….. lia uwezavyo it heals and had the whole day ..

missing the heatbeat. My twins .. my life.. my everything. i love you so much. Penzi lenu ni la ajabu.. Penzi lenu ni Kubwa Kushinda yote…love you more than love ya papiii…. sadly i hated him Kipindi kile but it was love and hate at the same time….but he was always there for you guys.. always there for me too…. He was always there kila asubuhi akisikiliza the heartbeat too….. he was kinda nerv too….. named you guys Hailey Presley and Georgia Montana .. both Gk’s babies… ikno he wanted a diff names .. some Mujuni kinda name and i wanted My names too.. hollywood kinda like .. but at the end of the day. it was just a dream.. mkaondoka mkaniacha (tears) why?! but loved you guys with all my heart.. niliwakosea nini kwani wanangu? ila its life .. what mo can i say? with all respect #RIP ….. ❤️❤️❤️ I save de names for the next babies. Inshaallah!.
Thanks to my doctor too… thank you for spending a day in ya office. sorry for the tears. and yes i feel so much better now!. one day i’ll share the happiness.. and the sad ending… will put this in 10chapters…. in my book, My life story… The Book is coming … abit sad yes .. but will share how Preg sucks … yes it sucks!. i can’t lie … but this is another story dat wuld really love to share. get a new babies soon. I Pray for dat….maana operation zimenianza mapema. another babies will fix up My happiness.. atleast i got a man who loves me and my friends who cares for me. Thank you all on ma pages.. ig i see you..
i really appreciate. bless ya’ll