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Thursday, July 24, 2014


Tanzanian superstar DiamondPlatnumz is enjoying the fruits of his hard work in his musical career but that does not mean that he is putting his personal life on a hold.

He has been moving from one country to another to attend award ceremonies, hold down performances and work on his musical projects and it is safe to say everything is working out great for him.

 His movie actress and model girfriend Wema Sepetu hinted a while back during one of the award events that they would be walking the aisle soon and sure enough, Diamond has confirmed that the wedding might be sooner than we expected.
He was wishing Wema Sepetu’s sister a happy birthday via instagram and in the process asked his fans to support his expected union with Wema by wishing his in-law a happy birthday,

“Naimani sasa ni wakati muafaka maana zile vuruguvurugu za kuwishwish zooote zimeisha…Guys Tafadhari jamani kwa heshima na taadhima naomba Mnisaidie kuipariria ndoa yangu tarajiwa kwa kumuwish Wifi yangu @ssepetu heri ya siku yake ya kuzaliwa…. Tena kwa wingi sana ili akiletewa shemeji mwingine amkatae@ssepetu@ssepetu Happy birthday Shem laa”

[ I believe this is the best time because people have slowed down on the wishes...guys please with all due respect, in preparation for my marriage please help me wish my sister in law @Ssepetu a happy birthday much that when she is presented with another in-law she turns him down]